First Serve Tucson

First Serve Tucson is an Annacone Tennis youth program for beginning players who want to learn how to play the game. The goal of First Serve Tucson is to attract lots of new 7- to 13-year-old players into the sport of competitive tennis, and then help them develop their skills so that the program becomes a large feeder system for higher levels of competitive play, increasing the number of juniors in Southern Arizona and helping the best players reach even higher goals.

First Serve TucsonAnnacone Tennis manages First Serve Tucson by partnering with select facilities in Southern Arizona to provide a path for players to develop their skills and abilities in competitive play.

Most new players will experience First Serve Tucson at one of our free events, after which they’ll be offered an opportunity to enroll in a developmental program at the partner facility where the free First Serve Tucson event is held.

As described earlier, Annacone Tennis has created First Serve Tucson to provide a world-class junior tennis program that attracts new players and provides them a path to competitive play. When our vision is realized, First Serve Tucson will help Arizona be recognized as the premier state for youth tennis development. We look forward to helping core principles of First Serve Tucson (confidence, determination/perseverance, resiliency, respect, responsibility, courtesy, judgment, honesty, integrity, strategic thinking, teamwork, and fun) become the core principles of each young player who participates in our programs.

To learn more about First Serve Tucson, please contact Steve Annacone at or 865-300-7323.